The inspiration for Big Dog Growlers, Kona.  Camping with Keg Growlers at Prineville State Park    (Satin 8L Shown)

Keg Growlers

Call for packages and pricing

Perfect for camping and special occasions, these Keg's come in a variety of packages and sizes.  Any of the Liter sizes come in either Polished or Satin finish (shown).  Each size has four different packages available depending on your needs. Economy, Growler Keg, Standard and Deluxe. The sizes range from 5L, 8L, 10L, 1/6 Barrel, 1/4 Barrel and 1/2 Barrel.  It's best to call for pricing on packages since there are so many options but count on a span from $74.99 on a standard 5L up to $169.99 for a Deluxe Polished 10L.  The 1/2 Barrel Smart Keg is also $169.99

The perfect combination for your outting, Keg Growlers and a True Pint from Hydro Flask.  Smaller units such as the 8L shown, fit a 5 gallon bucket filled with ice for that little extra chilled edge.  We charge with CO2 when filled then you can either use a CO2 system or party tap hand pump to use.


5L 10 Pints
8L 16 Pints
10L 21 Pints or 2.6 Gallons
1/6B 5.25 Gallons
1/4B 7.5 Gallons
1/2B 15.5 Gallons


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